“My daughter, Shira, has been taking cello lessons with Ms. Pantina for just under a year, but the things that she has learned in that short time will be with her forever. Through the cello, she has learned the importance of structure and perseverance as part of any learning process. It has been a challenge, but my daughter is choosing to stick with it. At times, when she says it is too hard for her, I ask if she would like to give it up and she always says no. I confess to be amazed. All this would not be possible without Ms. Pantina’s guidance – encouraging and cheering her on with a steady temper and positive reinforcement. Shira keeps waiting for the next step to be introduced. Nothing makes her happier than conquering a new tune. It has been one of the best things we have done this past year and the credit goes to Ms. Pantina.” – Tammy, mother of Shira, a 5-year-old girl

“For the past three years, Marie has been an outstanding teacher for my son, nurturing his growing interest in playing the cello. Two years ago she began teaching his younger sister with great success. She motivates cellists to learn new skills, practice habits and play beautiful music following the Suzuki Method. My youngest son is starting to learn with her next month. I can’t wait!” – Sharon (North Austin Suzuki Cello Mom)

“Marie Pantina is a wonderful example of a Suzuki Method instructor. In my opinion, she’s the perfect blend of discipline, tolerance and fun. My son has been a student of Marie’s for two years now and they have a great relationship. She lets him figure out his strengths and weaknesses during lessons by asking Socratic questions about his pieces. I feel that this method empowers him and helps him greatly when practicing! He went through a stage where he did not enjoy practicing and found it boring, however, I feel his attitude has changed because he wants to meet the challenges that Marie presents to him during his lessons. She jokes with him and lets him have opinions, but can get him to focus when he’s not fully engaged….without making him feel embarrassed or sub par. As an instructor she is patient, passionate and knowledgeable about her craft. As a person, she’s warm and funny!” – Lorrie, mother of a 10-year-old boy

“Marie’s dedication, insight, and patience are amazing. My daughter is disabled and has many difficulties with motor issues and with sensory sensitivities: Marie immediately figured out her comfort zone and has been able to lead her through extraordinary progress, never showing any frustration when there were difficult days in which it seemed that skill sets were backsliding. The self-confidence and physical poise that my daughter has gained through Marie’s patient and able coaching has been an essential element of her success, not just in playing the cello, but in her schoolwork and life as well. I cannot imagine a more skilled and sensitive teacher than Marie.” – Andrew, father of a 12-year-old Autistic girl